User Adoption remains one of the biggest challenges in front of large organizations, in order to maximize the value from their data investments. 

USEReady has been focused in solving this problem using technology and community centric approach. Through this webinar series, we want to share some examples of how we have helped several large enterprises solve this problem.


  1. Target areas for adoption
  2. Art of the possible approach to teach the beginners with best practice templates
  3. Building a plan for adoption
  4. Unlocking the organization knowledge
  5. Drive BI through AI
  6. Case studies and Examples from industries


Uday Hegde

Uday Hegde - Co-Founder and CEO
Uday provides oversight to USEReady's consulting engagements along with strategic technology initiatives. With over 17 years of rich industrial experience, Uday has driven USEReady to grow remarkably since inception. Prior to founding USEReady, Uday led the alternative risk IT team at Credit Suisse. He headed several initiatives that enabled risk analysts to perform near real-time analysis of asset management including alternative products such as hedge funds, liquid and illiquid products and private equity. Uday holds a Masters in Information Technology from IIIT, Bangalore and a BS in Industrial Engineering from the University of Mysore.

Bethany Pohjala

Bethany Pohjala - Business Development Representative
Bethany drive client activity by collaborating with individuals on their data within the Greater New York Area.

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