Ensure optimum performance of your workbooks on both desktop and server. This webinar shows how to identify and eliminate areas that are hindering workbook performance. You will learn how to tackle performance issues on Tableau Desktop by using best practices while authoring your workbook. You will then learn how to optimize workbooks for scalability on Tableau Server. The speaker will also explain the important benchmarks for quicker responses and better interactions.

Why YOU should WATCH

This webinar will enable you to:

  • Learn how to resolve the following desktop bottlenecks
    • Long running calculations
    • Long time for view loads
    • Testing dashboards under data load
    • Other things that would slow down a workbook
  • Learn how to resolve issues that hinder scaling on the Server
    • Reasons for prolonged dashboard loads 
    • Testing dashboards under user load
    • Understand where views get built (desktop or server) 
    • Eliminate unnecessary containers to improve performance
  • Best practices to create workbooks with good performance

Who should watch

This webinar is for Business Intelligence and Analytics professionals, who are intermediate or advanced Tableau users.

About the Speaker

Anand Vadul, CTO, USEReadyAnand Vadul is the Chief Technology Officer at USEReady and handles the firm’s products and technology initiatives. Prior to USEReady, Anand was CVP of enterprise collaboration at New York Life Insurance. His core focus was enabling enterprise to adopt new collaboration technologies. Anand has authored numerous papers in the field of Computer Science, Data Analytics and Analytics Governance.


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