The two powerful features of Tableau are its ability to filter data sources and it’s capability to build single data views by linking data from different data connectors. This webinar will explore the methods used for filtering across multiple data sources at the same time. Under data views, the speaker will explain how to use the built-in tools to construct useful views and how to sort, filter, group, and create sets.

Why YOU should watch

This webinar will enable you to:

  1. Create custom parameters and quick filters
  2. Understand how to build views by dragging and dropping field
  3. Learn how to sort your data, combine dimension members into groups, and create sets.
  4. Create a control view for the field and apply a filter action

Who should WATCH

Business users managing raw data files and data managers who want to get a feel of Tableau capabilities. 

About the Speaker

Vijay Gowtham, BI Team, USEReady
Vijay Gowtham is a data analytics practitioner with a depth of experience in delivering high quality intuitive solutions to domains as varied as insurance/ banking and retail. His experience with multiple BI tools gives him a holistic picture. As a delivery lead at USEReady, he is involved in all facets of the project right from data shaping to visualization.


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