New to Alteryx or need to broaden your horizon to newer areas faster? Still pondering over whether or not to purchase your own copy of ‘A Practitioner’s Guide to Alteryx’? Well, think no more, get a free preview copy to get a glimpse of what the book has to offer and make a well-informed decision.

This comprehensive guide, now in its 4th edition, is power packed with the new data profiling, In DB data processing and automated formula development functionalities of Alteryx 2018.1. Along with a detailed description and working of more than 130 tools that Alteryx provides, this edition lets you deep dive into the unhindered data integration capabilities of the improved Alteryx 2018.1.

"The book has created a great launching point for beginners who want a manual, in addition to the real world use cases, so you can easily learn how best to use Alteryx Designer. By the time you finish working through this manual, someone who has never opened the Alteryx Designer before, will be able to create workflows, design reports, develop applications, and write macros to solve any of their data needs."

- Laura Sellers, Vice President, Product Management, Alteryx

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