Jan 14

Reset URL Action To Blank On Tableau Dashboard

URL actions are one of the very powerful Dashboard actions in Tableau. Though not used as extensively as the Filter Actions or the Highlight Actions, URL actions have their own presence on Tableau Dashboards. The common ones being Launching a Website, Navigating to shared network, Filter other Dashboards based on the parameters passed in the link, Launching an email, Generate CSV and PDF files from dashboards etc. The newer versions of Tableau have Set Actions, Parameter Actions, Button features etc.

In this blog, we will be discussing a very simple use case of resetting a URL action. We need to be a little cautious here. Resetting an action can mean a little different to Filter Action and Highlight Action where the target sheets resume to the original state. We are not trying to replicate that feature because URL actions once activated cannot be reset. So, we are attempting to do something similar but more as a workaround or alternative. That is the reason to mention it as ‘BLANK’ in the title.

The original problem presented was like this. A financial Operations dashboard has aggregated daily exceptions showing Fails, Exposures, pending Settlements etc. for each of the employees. When a senior executive selects an employee name, the dashboard should display the employee’s directory information in a Web Page within the dashboard. (The web page would include the photo, email id, location, manager, hierarchy etc.) Since we cannot use the same features for this blog, we will simulate something simple for the purpose of learning.

1) A Dashboard that shows the Top States in USA with their population.

2) The dashboard also has some city related information displayed in other sheets.

3) When a State is selected, the Web Page object in the dashboard should display its flag.

For this, first we need a simple Dashboard to start with. Here, the focus is not on the Dashboard but the Dashboard actions and the Web Page object.

For this example, we are using a very simple data of the Top 200 US Cities by population (encompassing 43 States).

The data is taken directly from this link http://worldpopulationreview.com/us-cities/

Blog 1

One very important thing to note is the absence of Reset Options for the URL Action

**We need to be conscious that the URL that we pick fits most (if not all) of the field members

4) When we test the URL action everything works fine except when the selection is revoked/removed. It is stuck on the previous selection.

Blog 2

ByVijai Narasimha

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