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Tableau Adoption Bot Environment (TABe)

Are you exploring new ways to onboard and train new users in Tableau? USEReady has been focused on solving user adoption challenges since inception. How about using chatbot and guided walkthroughs to make new users successful and advanced users productive?

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  • Introduction to Adoption and Tableau Governance areas within an enterprise
  • Developing user adoption building blocks based on user role and proficiency
  • Understanding adoption modules such as training, guided walkthrough, helpdesk and chatbot
  • Customer examples and demonstration of how similar large organizations have approached this problem


Anand Vadul, CTO, USEReady

Andy Vadul - CTO
Andy is a Digital Transformation Leader with a passion for data analytics and collaboration across Business and IT teams to create Analytical Solutions. He is Tableau Certified on both Desktop and Server with a focus on integrating and extending Tableau to solve business needs in financial vertical. Andy has authored numerous papers in the field of Computer Science, Data Analytics and Governance.


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