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How to Build Talent Skill Belts in Tableau

In this webinar, USEReady experts share with you this app Skill Belts, designed for firms that want to provide a more structured educational framework for end-users to learn the critical skills necessary to see and understand their data (with little administrative burden). The program is designed to be customizable by role with plug-and-play modules. Firms will be able to immediately begin capturing valuable data about their end-users' abilities and begin building a self-service community by connecting users with peers at the same level and with Tableau champions.


- Introduction to Skill Belts app
- Concepts Skill Belts, Merit Badges and Awards explained
- How to use this app to deliver structured educational framework for end-users
- Customer success stories
- Q&A


Uday Hegde

Uday Hegde
Co-Founder and CEO

Uday Hegde

Michael Holcomb

Michael Holcomb
Strategic Customer Success Manager
Tableau Software

Michael Holcomb LinkedIn Profile


Jeff El-Koury

Jeff El-Koury
Sr. Program Manager

Jeff El-Koury LinkedIn

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