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Cloud BI using Tableau and Snowflake

By applying modern data warehouse approach, Snowflake with Tableau deliver on the promise of true "Data Democracy". Are you ready to explore Zero administration, Zero tuning and Zero maintenance, modern cloud Datawarehouse Snowflake computing? In this webinar, you will learn with a customer case study, how to build a data mart on Snowflake and deliver BI on top of cloud warehouse using Tableau.


  • Snowflake for enterprise
  • Market Risk Data mart using Snowflake
  • Rapid fire BI with Tableau and Snowflake


Jim Huston USEReady

Jim Houghton – Managing Director | Financial Services
Jim has over 30 years of leadership experience at the crossroads of finance, accounting and technology. He spent 12 years in the prime brokerage divisions of Wall Street firms Morgan Stanley and Credit Suisse, leading product and financial management for large investment technology organizations. Jim earned an MBA in Finance and a Masters of International affairs from Columbia University and a BA in Business Administration/Accounting from the University of Washington.

Jajati Pasupalak | Practice Director | USEReady

Jajati Pasupalak – Practice Director
Jajati comes with over 21+ years of experience in Big Data, Business Intelligence, Visualization, Analytics, Information Management, Digital Transformation, and Cloud computing. His focus areas include Cloud Data Management, Data Architecture, Business Intelligence, Visualization, Enterprise Performance Management, Machine Learning, Data Science, and Analytics. His specialities include Data Architecture, Big Data, Business Intelligence, Reporting, Data warehouse, Information Management, Practice leadership, Delivery Management, business development, and Consulting.


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