Aug 16

A practitioner’s guide to Alteryx - now available as eBook


With the spike in the capabilities of Alteryx updated in version 10, we bring to you an all new 'A PRACTITIONER’S GUIDE TO ALTERYX'. Enriched and loaded with the information on the upgraded competencies of Alteryx, the new book is a perfect assistance to make you master the newer, better, improved Alteryx 10. Now available as eBook.


There is great news for analysts looking to master data blending and advanced analytics.  A Practitioner’s Guide to Alteryx is now available as an ebook. This comprehensive guide offers a simple and effective way to learn over 60 of the tools that Alteryx provides as well as describing the new functionality and use cases you never knew existed.

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This special ebook edition explains how data analysts can build Alteryx Workflows, Analytic Applications, and Macros. By the end of the book, the reader should be able to use basic Alteryx tools, work with relational, spatial object, report object, and JSON structured data, create reports, create Analytic Applications, create Macros, and create expressions including Boolean and string manipulation.

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"The book has created a great launching point for beginners who want a manual, in addition to the real world use cases, so you can easily learn how best to use Alteryx Designer,” says Laura Seller, Vice President, Product Management, Alteryx. “By the time you finish working through this manual, someone who has never opened the Alteryx Designer before will be able to create workflows, design reports, develop applications, and write macros to solve any of their data needs," she adds.

What's New in the Latest edition :- New to Alteryx or need to broaden your horizon to newer areas faster? Packed with new functionalities and use cases, A Practitioner’s Guide to Alteryx is your answer to these questions and more.

While providing a detailed description and working of more than 60 tools that Alteryx provides, the books covers an entire gamut of topics. By the end of the book, the reader should be able to use basic Alteryx tools, work with relational, spatial and report objects and JSON structured data, and also create workflows, reports, analytic applications, and macros.

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